Being the most widely grown crop in Europe, wheat is a small grain cereal accounting for one third of the world's population staple food. Limagrain Europe, one of the European leaders in wheat seeds and an expert in cereal products, offers high-performance varieties fitting with a large diversity of uses.



Launch of Apache, a variety of wheat combining yield, quality and disease resistance. Its bread making quality has made it a European success, to the point of creating a new quality standard in the profession.



A strategic crop


Limagrain Europe offers a broad line-up of varieties that cover all quality segments (bread making, biscuits, ...) with a large spectrum of tolerance to biotic (orange wheat blossom midge, fusarium, Septoria, rusts, Eyespot, ...) and abiotic stresses (drought, heat, frost, ...) and that therefore meet the needs of farmers, the agri-business industry and consumers.


"When I sow LG Absalon, I am playing it safe because even when there is a high disease pressure, it does well and the quality is always up to standard." 

Stéphanie, a farmer in France


Coverage of all quality segments 

  • High protein wheat
  • Bread making
  • Biscuit industry
  • Pasta

Broad spectrum of biotic stress tolerance

  • Insects (orange wheat blossom midge)
  • Diseases affecting ears and grain (fusarium...)
  • Stem and leaf diseases (Septoria, rusts...)
  • Stem base diseases (eyespot)

Adaptation to abiotic stress 

  • Drought, heat stress
  • Frost (winter losses)

Niche markets

  • High amylose and high fibre wheat
  • High protein wheat for Jacquet-Brossard, subsidiary of Limagrain and a leading French pastry and bakery company
  • Waxy wheat for Limagrain Ingredients, subsidiary of Limagrain
  • Durum wheat for pasta making

Durum wheat

"I have been growing Antalis since 2016, and LG has become a must in durum wheat in Italy."

Alberto, a farmer in Italy

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