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Limagrain Europe is totally committed to the spirit developed by Groupe LIMAGRAIN with regard to innovation and communication - two driving forces that contribute to our growth and development, and that pervade the different professions represented in our company of 1576 employees.

Limagrain Europe and its European subsidiaries are among the leaders on the market for Field Seeds in Europe (Crops that include Maize, Straw Cereals and Pea, Rapeseed, Sunflower and Forage).

All the professions involved in research (conventional breeding, molecular marking and experimentation), production and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and support staff (administrative, IT and human resources) play an important role in our company.

Opportunities for international careers are also possible and encouraged throughout Groupe LIMAGRAIN, which is present in all five continents through its seeds subsidiaries.

The ambitions of our company, whether in research or the organization of its development, are based on the quality of its pluridisciplinary teams. The skills of the Women and Men of Limagrain Europe is at the heart of the company's success.

Every year Limagrain Europe recruits new staff to ensure that it will continue to succeed in the future.

Meeting new challenges and innovating are the two keys to the success of our teams.

Muriel Malou
Human Resources Manager

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