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Limagrain Europe breeds, produces and distributes field seeds for farmers in close to 50 countries.


For innovative and sustainable agricultural production

An expert touch in seeds


Limagrain Europe is a Business Unit of Limagrain and specializes in field seeds. The fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative founded and managed by farmers and is an international group.
The business of a pure seed company includes research and development, production, and distribution of products and services that have been adapted to farms’ pedoclimatic conditions. With more than 20 subsidiaries covering 50 countries, Limagrain Europe has developed a multi-crop line-up based on a broad portfolio of varieties.

Antoine Colombo, Limagrain Europe CEO

"With 50 years of experience, we provide farmers with innovative solutions focused on seeds and our agronomic expertise in support of sustainable agricultural production."


Unique positioning for a complete product line-up

A recognised multi-crop seed company


Limagrain Europe has strong positions in the main field seeds crops. Led by the LG brand, it is one of the European leaders in wheat, oilseed rape, forage maize, barley, grain maize as well as a major player in sunflower.
From plant breeding to distribution, we are involved across the entire chain for crops such as maize, wheat, sunflower, barley, winter oilseed rape, pulses, etc.
For the fodder and amenity grasses activity, we manage marketing and sales.


Our vision: to contribute to better agriculture to meet current and future food-related challenges

Innovation at the heart of our approach

Through a sustained effort in R&D, we offer innovative seed-centric solutions to optimize performance and yield stability.

A passion for agriculture

We are a pure seed company with strong positions in the main field seed crops.

Proximity to farmers

Through our numerous locations and subsidiaries, we work in close proximity with farmers and in collaboration with dealers and the processing industry.

Contributing to better agriculture

We aim for operational excellence and are developing a CSR* approach in all our businesses, in order to create sustainable value.
* Corporate Social Responsibility

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