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29 June 2021 • Human resources

CSR program

“We believe that a company's mission goes beyond its sole economic role: at Limagrain Europe, we contribute every day to the progress of Agriculture, by offering genetic and agronomic solutions that allow farmers to achieve better performance while meeting environmental challenges and societal expectations of today and tomorrow.” Antoine Colombo, Limagrain Europe CEO.
Since 2013, Limagrain Europe has been actively committed to a structured CSR* program and is constantly strengthening its requirement level in this area. Building on this first experience, Limagrain Europe decided to provide a new dimension to its CSR program in 2021 by fully integrating it into its company strategy and by committing to a more ambitious action plan

A 5-year plan was thus developed based on 4 major themes with specific ambitions for each one.


Limagrain Europe develops and promotes innovative agricultural products and practices, adapted to various production systems, agroecological systems in particular, to better meet the challenges of tomorrow’s Agriculture. In this effort, day after day, Limagrain Europe is strengthening its responsible innovation process in collaboration with all company functions and is committed to having all new products evaluated based on sustainable development criteria by 2025

As of this year, our product line-up has been enhanced with two new innovative and responsible solutions:

A diversion technique that involves sowing a band of “trap crop” (very rich in protein) to contain the bird damages thus avoid using a chemical solution on spring crops. PEACOR can be used for corn and sunflower, and in organic farming, in plots with low to moderate bird pressure.
An exclusive mix of companion plants for Oilseed rape
This agroecological line-up was designed to meet the new challenges for farm performance and sustainability. This exclusive mix of pulses allows farmers to decrease insect-related damage (lure effect), limit weed development and restore nitrogen in the spring. Farmers can decide to sow it before or as a mixture with LG AVIRON or LG AMBASSADOR oilseed rape.


Limagrain Europe believes it’s part of its responsibility to limit the environmental impact of its activities, in compliance with its legal obligations, but also beyond.
To better control its environmental impact, Limagrain Europe has committed to implementing an Environment Management System throughout Europe by 2025. The goal will be to strengthen the monitoring of the impact of its sites on the environment and to structure specific action plans. 
Numerous actions to improve the impact of its sites are already in place at several sites, in particular the research station in Rilland (Netherlands), which is equipped with solar panels since 2020.

Aware of the impact its actions have on Society, Limagrain Europe strives to act as an exemplary company in its choices and relations with stakeholders, most notably by establishing a dialogue with its partners concerning sustainable development topics and conducting ponctual assessments.
As societal actors in their regions, Limagrain Europe’s companies and sites are working to maintain a quality relationship with their environment and local communities. In this regard, funds were raised in 2020 from all employees to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 at the Toma Ciorba hospital in Moldova. The company matched every euro given by an employee.

Limagrain Europe is committed to being a responsible employer because the men and women who work at the company are at the heart of its present and future success. Limagrain Europe is therefore working to develop an attractive model based on the promotion of dialogue and diversity, and the respect, development, well-being, and safety of each one of its employees.
Since 2015, Limagrain Europe has thus divided the number of accidents on its sites by three and is pursuing its commitment with the goal to become a benchmark company in terms of safety by 2025 by cutting this number in half again. 

As affirmed by Frédéric Arboucalot, Limagrain Europe Deputy CEO, “Our ambition is to develop our company in a responsible, profitable, and sustainable way.  Our CSR program is an integral part of our strategy and must contribute to confirming us as a leader in field seeds across the European continent.”

For more information, please contact: 

Frédérique Vergne
Limagrain Europe
Communication Manager Europe

Cell : +33(0)6 74 67 48 80

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