Highly digestible starch varieties, for more energy in grass-dominant rations.



For grass-dominant rations, energy supply in the form of high-starch maize is essential. But a high quantity of starch is insufficient; quality is fundamental because this affects its degradability in the rumen and ensures the starch is processed well. The new STARPLUS line-up of varieties has this twofold characteristic. When starch is better processed, milk or meat production is higher per kilo of silage maize ingested, meaning a savings in concentrates and therefore an optimization of the ration’s profitability.
To identify STARPLUS varieties, Limagrain Europe has developed a specific infrared grading in order to determine starch quality.

"To concentrate my ration, I’m looking for high-starch maize, which can be digested quickly and that animals eat well."

Philippe, a livestock farmer in France


This innovation concerns the following crops:


Maize is the cereal produced the most worldwide, ahead of wheat and rice. It has been part of Limagrain’s DNA for more than 50 years and has undergone very successful innovations (LG 11, Banguy, Adevey, etc.). Today, Limagrain Europe offers a complete, high-performance line-up of grain and forage maize.

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